The failed escape

It´s another edition of

“Hit it Mike, hit it !! ” John screamed at the top of his lungs as he looked back
and saw the U.S Sheriff right behind them.

“Hit what?!” John screamed back at John while the water splashed his face, ” you couldn´t
have stolen a more shitty boat!”

John looked up at the hill and saw the white house of his ex wife, He grimaced. She took
his most precious thing and now she had paid for it.

“Hey John, you´re the most incompetent criminal I have seen, you know that?”

“How many have you seen?” Came the reply from behind of the boat.

“Enough to know that you´re an idiot.” Mike said with a grin.

John looked down at his feet, there she was lying on the floor. Her feet tied up. He laughed
out loud. They had to put her to sleep until they reached some kind of safety.

“Dump her!” Mike screamed at Jack as the Sheriff cut them off.

“You´re nuts, no way.”

Eventually the Sheriff just gave them a warning as they untied Lucy, Johns best friend, the dog
that was his, not his wife´s. He would go to courts for eternity and until he ran out of money
so he could be reunited with his dear Lucy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

It went a bit over 175 words.


  1. Haha! He kidnapped his dog (and I don’t blame him, I would do the same. LOL) Great story Charly! (You have a typo in the first paragraph. I believe longs should be lungs). Thank you, once again, for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge.

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