Inside my head

I feel like writing deep
just take a sit
listen for this occasion
might be your last intrusion
time for party
now is my timing
i don´t do that minding
funny i like that bunny
and that one too
she did go “mew”
Party Charly!
loving life
ha ha don´t need a wife
need a hooker
and a broker
to play poker

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Hey George, how are we doing?
      You guys have quite a spectacle for the Republican primaries. Trump…..sounds a bit over the top what he says, but if he can accomplish it then that would be great. Myself, I prefer the “doctor” or the “Young” senator from Florida. Rubio and vicepresident could be Fiorina Rubio and Fiorina would be a good match.
      And if I start with the rant of Mr. O, what a freaking mess he has left in the world. Like it or not, if the balance of the world can stay a bit focus and more to the good than to the bad we do have to rely on the U.S to be proactive in the world. Now you got sanctions lifted up on Iran, the Mullas laughing their ass with all the billions they´re getting, Russia now and before more than glad that the sanctions are lifted since they do trade with Iran and now Syria also happy, everybody wins except the U.S and Europe but you can´t expect much from europe really.
      So how you doing and your clan?

      1. Dr Ben Carson is a great man. I’ve known him for 20+ years, couldn’t ask for a better couple than him and his wife. Scholarships for young people and great role models for raising themselves from the bottom to the best in the world. He has written many books, very common sense ones, not all this over educated crap that most people pretend to understand. Cuba Gooding, Jr starred in a movie about him. Gifted Hands, also is a book. He is an honest and trustworthy soul, indeed. I have no idea what the American people don’t understand about him. He would be the first Black President, who descended from American slavery, and a real Black man, not a half black anti American, anti democracy, anti capitalism prick of a lying, cheating, SOB&POS. Clan doing well, I’m recovering from dental visit, root canal and extraction that went a little South. Unhinged both jaws in the process. Already injured them years ago playing football without a helmet, not smartest move I ever made. I ended up with two jaws that click and groan when I chew and a metal plate on right side of forehead. Great for breaking down doors, not much else.
        It’ll take a while, I’m wearing a mask to keep my mouth shut while it heals. Heck even for a mute, I’m not used to having my mouth closed ALL the time even if I can’t talk. I’m still blessed, with or without a voice. Abundantly, I can still type most days as long as I don’t pull a Klutz and bump myself. or get bumped. No chasing women for a while, just learning more patience.

      2. Had no idea there was a movie about the man. I´ll check that one out. And yes, he´s a great role model of how you can pull out of a bad environment if you want, as always comes to self responsiblity, drive, e.t. c. But governement handouts don´t work.
        Dentist…you just confirm that these people are worst than serial killers.
        Patience not my forte. I couldn´t keep still even with the crutches and ankle still healing.
        But I did managed the patience without going ballistic and being mad all day everyday. Actually it did help me with my patience.
        Take care George.

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