So left I went….

Ding Dong!
you heard that bell?
it smell, like roses
that´s what my mind proposes

I´m not made for depression
that is my assertion
feeling low low these past days
but i just can´t sit and watch self destroys

Ding Dong!
seemed everything went wrong
tried to do the right thing
and saw a dark cloud coming

it was my delusion
so when nothing went right
fuck it, i just went left.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I know that, I always give out good advice. So what´s your new idea? I´m thinking of taking some time off and giving me your job at least for the first semester. They´ll love me

      1. Hehe! I’ve got connections! You best behave and don’t try to hide again!
        Just think of me like the girl in the movie Wedding Crashers! That is one of my favorite movies!

      2. My two favourite actors, Owen Wilson and VInce Vaugh (probably spelled that wrong).One of my favourite movies too, can watch it 30 times and still laugh.
        So you´re the red headed ninphomaniac then?man o man…..

    1. Slowy but surely is getting all fixed up nicely, I know maybe a bit more rush, but if you want to build something beautiful you do need to take your time. By the way I called the dog ” Poggie”, just fit nicely with the white picket fence

      1. Sounds good, except for the secret room. I don´t like cramb spaces in some kind of dingy basement. I´ll just hide in the open, get a wig and a pair of glasses.

    1. I always get out, now the ony difference is that I write it so people who I have no clue who they are can read it, and feel related so what I am is a humble humanitarian…..unlike you who kills and kills and, well kills, by the way didn´t check your blog, going to see today how many people you killed

      1. Honestly? No. I liked the Viking but I preferred this one. No disrespect to the Viking, I just found this one to be more genuine and from the heart, brother.

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