dummy with no PHD


i have no PHD
i´m a dummy who suffers from ADD
if you´re thinking here
hey yo! i´m over there
so what is it my point?….
none, haha, but i can run
smoke a joint, write and then paint
i have no clue
about writers guru
no much vocabulary in my head dictionary
but i was in the military and,
ask her i´m good doing the missionary
poetry structures
have no clue about them
what is their name
nor their function of the game
but i can game the gaming just saying

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



  1. There’s more honesty in this ragtag little poem than all the rest of the pretentious shit that I have the constant misfortune to see on WordPress put together. Keep it up mate.

      1. It’s depth lies in its honesty and its no-frills presentation. God knows, I’m no poetry guru, I’m just a humble satirist, but when I see some of the pretentious, formulaic crap that gets spat out on here by delusional people with an unhealthy belief in their own greatness, your heartfelt work is like throwing open a window to let in fresh air after a particularly malodorous fart. Stay frosty mate.

  2. Everyone is on WordPress for a different reason but some people can’t be bothered with recognising that. I paid someone a compliment once, and I got tossed over as a wannabe writer. If I had something to say, I’m sure no one would want to publish it unless I got caught with a celebrity on a yacht. Those gurus are really up themselves and like to stay in cliques. I’m happy they’re in their own private corner of the universe. I know they are operating under the assumption that their fame and fortune are earned. The reality is that it is given to you and has nothing to do with credentials. x

      1. Haha you’re a shit-stirrer Charley boy 😀 There was absolutely no flirting. It was just a friendly exchanging of pleasantries between consenting members of the opposite sex. Oh, and by the way, young man, if you want to find out what the lady has on today you should at least try to get her name right. “Seabiscuit” was a racehorse 😀

      2. That´s right, they even made a movie about that damn horse.
        So no sexting then….that was dissapointing. Imagine I suddenly bring through my blog two people together and they get married and live happy ever after……this is some story I have to write now if not I´m going to forget it.

    1. Sure does, I do call wordpress “my free online university”, you name it and I follow it as much as I can. From writing, photography, travel, e.t.c. Love to learn everything but eventually have to settle on a specific and I would hope I´d have more time in the day and more capabilities to learning writing, photography and computer skills. Those 3 would be great to learn fast and all at the same time.

      1. We all here are learning from each other, and we can ask questions too. The time is the only thing we can do little about, but don’t be discouraged. You mentioned computer skills. What do you mean about it? Give me your email and I will send you some files.

  3. Hell… I dunno which was more enjoyable, the poem, or the comments! 🙂
    Poetry isnt about whatever the gurus say, its about soul… and got plenty lot of THAT!!
    Yay.. MR Priest.. Dear 🙂

    1. I do get that quite a bit about the comments, I should actually make a book based on the comments in the blog. Would be quite the comedy.
      Well, thank you very much for that comment about soul, and glad you remembered the ” Dear” part. Feeling the loooooove 😉

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