The more I look at you

The more I look at you;
i see evil, dangerous eyes
were you can fall in a dark void.

The more I look at you;
i see your intentions, anger
impersonates , self destruction
is your constant recontruction.

The more I look at you;
your self destruction, will
hurt and destroy me.

The more I look at you;
i run, fast, to another part
of the sun and brain,
staring at you, there is nothing to gain.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. It can be scary to see the dark side of someone we dearly love or to find a part of someone we didn’t think existed before but once we get past it and accept the both good and bad , that’s what makes us human, flaws and some of perfection and all that ☺😉☺

    1. Not really, you can have flaws and all that, but when you find real madness and evil and a self destruction person as well as a person that is bend in being destructive towards you, when you see that…..get out running if you can. That was basically what I was writing about.
      By the way, do you ever read the comments I put on your blog or you choose to ignore them?…. hummmm, wondering

      1. Yeah that is true, sometimes some people are beyond saving 🙂

        And I did get one of your comments on my blog to which I replied few minutes ago, My university has started so I’m late on getting to replies and my blog, that’s all.

      2. Actually yes, university is important. Though I’m a genius and I could have done without the university too but hey gotta do what the world requires so this genius also has to attend university sadly, like everyone else!

      3. Not like everyone else, my guess is a small percentage of the worlds population that is able to go to the university. I went up until your age or less, I was just too cool to go to school, but hey! Look how I ended up, couldn´t have ended up bettter than me 😉
        Keep up the physiotherapy studies, still looking forward for a message. Yep, in my balding head would be nice

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