Normal dad son conversation

I remember;
Him waking up very early from bed.
With suit and tie already in place, they have been thread
into his public head-he goes for coffee and some bread
Smart, driven to the point of non forgiven;
In enters the nutty son in pyjamas not knowing
still if he´s here or there or even in the Bahamas,
but there is father poised as a King and the son says:

“Good morning.”

Father ” Good morning.” Everything very formal
as it is our normal.

Son “What did Mr.X say in the conference you where at yesterday?”

Father, looking impeccable, ready for life´s battle in that cage that he can
so well rattle, he looks up, then down, then to my mother sitting in the
coffee table, he sort of goes `hujum hujum´ and responds:

“You´ll get to see it tomorrow when I publish it in the web.”

Mother on the coffee table laughing without cursing,
son just stares and does a blink and doesn´t think-
much, “O.K” he responds and walks off to go to school
since for him is normal to hear the man that formal.

 I was talking today with my mother by phone and don´t know how
this subject came up, but like those are quite a bit from my early days
and mind you the old man hasn´t change, we did have a good laugh about
it. Specially when I said to her “Come on, I know he´s like that but that is not
normal” her response still laughing her head off, ” I know, that´s why when
I see you and the things you say like for example when you say, `I don´t feel
like talking now´ (I actually say that if you can believe it) for me it also seems
you´re normal in the abnormal. Both of you are not very normal.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Sounds like you have an honest mother. I don’t know if that is good. “I don’t feel like talking now,” is a really direct, to the point, and good thing to say btb. But, then maybe I am not normal. Who do you know who is normal btw? It was a question no one could find an example of in the 27 years I did psychotherapy.

    1. Actually is me the one who says to people when they ask me something or just some comment, I just don´t feel like talking so I say so. Go figure.
      You would have fun if you psychoanalisz me, or I would probably drive you nuts.

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