Lending an unwanted hand
Economically making a dent in my pocket pant
Now it works next day it wrecks
One glitch after glitch
Venom should be the name of this evil snitch
Over again, I have to “borrow” my roomate´s computer for his sorrow

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Thank´s Richard, I´ll have that in mind just in case, as of now bin up from 6 a.m and now it is “restoring” itself, going on 40 minutes since it started and it has gone up to 35% of the restoration, hopefully it works this time, but this time will be the second time again. Pain in the butt and a waste of time staring at the damn computer for so long.

    1. Creative, you should see me now. My face is red, I´m chain smoking and about to kill my roomate´s pet, or torture it. Still trying to fix the piece of shit of computer while I come and go to his computer. Good think is he´s sleeping like a baby, seems he had a good night out yesterday.

      1. Hey hey control you murder urges buddy, you gotta lay low. Don’t want you to get caught and rot away for rest of your life in jail ! I need you as my side kick serial killer 😉

    1. Thank´s, and I´m still operating from a computer that is not mine, so the little time I have with it I´ll try to read as many blogs I can. Or my nerves might get the best of me and I can……strangle the dog? Plus he´s a bad looking dog, so society is better without him

      1. Pm on Twitter is a personal message that doesn’t show up in the feed.
        Computer is only a thing, and the things don’t last long, but they can be fixed or replaced. ( check that message i told you about)

      1. Well let’s see – yes – cP2 it is – cos if we go by birth order you really are second amigo – 💙
        And so nice to hear from u sir spaniard!

      2. yes sir spaniard writer and brother from another mother living in a foreign land…. CP2 is all you….
        and hope you are having a nice week. We had some big chest flu this month so far and it has been irritating – but finally getting over it.

      3. Glad to hear you guys are feeling better. Interesting, seems the flu time of the year reaches quite some countries. Here in Spain if you put on the news you will see every 5 minutes and ad (by the government ofcourse) the same thing about people of certain ages and that are more vulnerable to go “inmediately” and get the flu shot. Fortunately this time nobody in my family got it.

      4. Yeah we do not the flu shot either – I regret having my boys get it a few years ago – I think the best thing is keeping a strong body terrain – but there was something stubborn that hit the east coast over here – and early too –
        Anyhow – hope u do not get it over there 💜

      5. Ha! But if it is an age criterion u will have to be cp2 – and if we do get to exchange recipes – I will share polish pierogi- I do not make them but know a few places that make them from scratch ❤️❤️❤️have u had them before

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