Hey ladies!!!

Foto 326

The king of Spain is talking to you
You should be thinking…. Yahooo!!
I do look hot in that picture by the way….huuurrey!

anyways anyhows…”working” out of a computer that is not mine
I got no dime, so can´t read as many blogs as I would like, no time,
and this has nothing to do with the poem I wrote yesterday
in piece of clay by the way…..


Hey ladies,
don´t act as a sloppy model
as if you just won the lotto;
Just be your self…not really
screw that notion
it has no magic potion
sounds good to say look to the heart
but for most, that´s a silly remark
call me shallow
then I go “wallow wallow”.

Outside and inside
can go side by side 
but also the outside
does provide you, the first instinct to guide yourself
so you don´t immediately put the guy upside down on the shelf,
brains and humour is important
but in a long time constant.

Like to admit it or not,
the outside sexy it is hot!
so it will be always there on the spot.

Just saying….
with every verse and every line, just like that, as simple as a nursery rhyme.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. You’re very cute, sure the girls will be eating out of your palm. I always enjoy reading your blog. I like your humility and your ability to write out your thoughts with a lot of humour, despite the obvious challenges.

    1. Hello there, sorry for the late response, having internet issues….at the very least.
      I try to just have fun when writing in the blog instead of doing something serious, although I can, I´m very very!! deep 😉

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