F**K victimisation

I hear in my day to day life
people bitching about strife

I also hear mostly in the web
people from certain races and religions singing me a cows web

I´m going to do a quick blame without shame and is really
in a way quite the same and easy to assertain.

My computer, doesn´t work. So now I can´t “work” on a day to day
basis. I like this blog thing, keeps me sane and not going with people
of the insane. So I blame the computer company which didn´t do
a good job in repairing it and now LENOVO tells me I have a slow running script.
And I have no clue if I´ll be able to pay for a repair, what a despair, this blogging thing
believe it or not does help me stay sober. So my sobriety is really in question
now. But is not my fault.

I have absolutely no money, next month I have no clue how to pay the rent
except if I start singing 50 cent on the street´s, so I might very well end up
in the streets, but at least will have shoes on my great feats. Why am I broke?
Not my fault, is the governments fault, they close the money vault. Not cool
having to live in a homeless shelter and least carrying a fucking computer. Go figure
how long that one is going to last in those circumstances, but I will take my chances.

Blacks, they have it rough, guess so but I to in other type of circumstances. We are in 2015
and you do have a black president that in my opinion in not only fucking up the U.S but actually
the whole world by his inactions. You can debate me on that, but I can spit and scrap since
I have no time, living on borrowed time with this computer today, what a fray shit I´m in.
Point being, just all lets bitch about it, have the mentality of victimization and then what?
Nothing, so I certainly better get my shit together and do whatever to pay for rent no computer probably
in some time, and harder for me to be  sober without putting a crime, so just get your head up
your ass, look at Ben Carson for example as inspiration instead of those who tell you what
a life of desperation you live in. Hard? Yes, can do it….for me my life is always like this, up and down
up and down, no fucking stability, so I better get my naivety in check and do and keep doing
not just one day or a week, but  be constant freak!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, try to read ya when I read ya. Been quite a help reading a lot of you



  1. I probably don’t have to say it Charlie but… stay strong. I’ve always liked that you don’t bitch and moan about stuff all the time. Take good care.

    1. I do have a computer today at least. Not the ideal condition but something is something. Stay strong to stay sober Karin, that is quite the challenge. Appreciate the comment.
      Now…….see? I´m already in your blog.

      1. This is one of things I like best about you. You don’t wallow in the bad, you seem to be able to find the good and to help other people see it too. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    1. Technology,akkdajk! (that´s me cursing) but hey! Shakespeare didn´t have a laptop or internet connection and he managed to get his writing out,but in this age we live in….

  2. If their ever was an award for biggest whiners in the world , I’d probably win it. So be assured that you aren’t complaining too much. I hope your troubles disappear soon. Much love💜💜

  3. Ohhhhhh yuck. Sound like you’re in a bit of rut eh. I hope things start looking up for ya Charlie. And you know, we all need to unload every once in a while. I’m pretty sure you’ll get through this too. Rootin for ya.

  4. You blew me away with your piece, you’re not afraid to express yourself out loud. Well hang in there, we all have things botherings us individually. Falling and rising again and again, makes up a winner. I like your blog.

  5. Its ok Charlie, its legit to vent, sometimes its what makes us sane. What’s important is that you remain “aware”, stay in the now and be grateful for all that you’re not aware you have despite the not-so-ideal situation. Remember that this too will pass. I have no doubt that you’re remain blogging, letting us know it all worked out. Hang in there buddy!

      1. The internet is an expensive luxury,that’s fast becoming a necessity. I think governments should give us the internet for free.

      2. I’ve always struggled to afford the internet. I believe it’s becoming so essential , it’s almost a human right

  6. Charly, I’m not gonna tell you the same old crap that everyone else is, period. Reality bites,people suck, life sucks, but it’s what we make of it. F_ck the system, make your own. Most people just don’t get it, walk down the same path, fall in a hole. Get out, walk down the same path and do it again. My answer? Find a new path…………….that’s what real people do.

  7. I wish we had you over here in UK, Charly. At least you’d be sure of a roof and we could use your philosophy and your strength of mind. I’m truly sorry you are having troubles. All I can say is every down has an up and tomorrow you’ll be climbing: I know you will. You have an indomitable spirit. Stay frosty, man!

    1. Thank´s Frederick, what I have learned throughout my life is that humans (if they truly want) have an incredible spirit of survival and of getting back up. Now I maybe low, but I don´t sweat it that much, things can and will get better. Appreciate the encouraging words.

      1. Great, I’m glad to hear it! You’re welcome. I always make a point of thanking those that follow me. I’m very pleased that you’re enjoying my blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, man!

  8. Charlie what I hate about the winter is l owing thre are people out in
    The cold. It’s a disgrace in this wealthy country. My friend was hocking everything he had but not letting go of his PC. His link. I agree wholeheartedly regarding our do nothing Pres. Hang in ,my most positive thoughts go out to you! For what that is worth. Zilch

    1. Hey there,
      Appreciate your comment, in my world there is not much words of concern, but I did manage as you can see to get hold of a computer and really not in the best of ways. I still got 4 days to go to the end of the month though, I´ll figure something out not to sleep in the streets. I could go the easy route and tell my parents the situation, but don´t want to give them more headaches, they already had enough of them. Except before I was never at their home so I really never knew until I came to their house when I almost passed to another life at age 30. I still visit them, on them once or twice a week and act like everything is fine. Yet again another close call, can´t even remember how many close calls I have had. Anyways, appreciate your comment. I´m a survivor and strong when in dire situations, that I learned long time ago about myself( in much worst situations ), so I´ll manage something. Just life.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

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