The show must go on

Ladies and gentleman!
i feel like a scam, rough days and more to come
but I got to write quite some.
Been in the hotel California, you might say
so anyways, the following set of poems for the next
hours and days or as much time i have with
the internet set, reflects my state of mind
which is in a state of nine one one…………

I´m deep
the stairs are steep,
screw that now, lets go really deep:
Where are the rubbers! There where so many of them
and not so many of us, so thus, bitches bitches
jumping in my Tahoe I got some blow and it looks like snow,
in “walla walla”, got my story in there, the big jail that is shit
in a scale
I have pneumonia got it in Polonia
but I AM a writer and dumb shit fighter
plus I´m deep
you said deep throat?
you even look like a goat
the show must go on.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Hang tough Charly. You always come back with a smile and determination. Your friends are here and you don’t even have to read my blather, I know you’ve got ‘real’ shit to do.
    from a frosty one

      1. Don´t get me started with that, if you see what I have to do… I don´t have a reader in this computer and is not one I can use much and…. I can keep complaining

    1. It´s always a pleasure, as I told you before, I really enjoy your music. You have a male grupy…kind of freaky.
      Hey, so if I was your inspiration I should get some money if not it can be copyright infringement….

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