Just a couple crazy poems

The leaf blowers

Since seven a.m,
I can hear them around
Interpreting the ground.

They did a study and they actually,
create more pollution!!
so this was a nice revolution.

Worst of all the people can die of leave long
and the machine sings a horrible song
they might just stay in place and smoke a bong.

The popular demand

The popular demand…
for you to ask me for one grand?
no you ho!
always like that with everyone?
guess is what bitches do to specially this dumb one
so I walk in the dark
I did get one spark though
and it was my “friend” Jo!
Man, Jo and that ho…

Murphy´s law

When something can go wrong it will go…..
I forgot you Mr. Murphy and your laws
but I have my own paws
as well as great flaws
so Muuuurphy!!
you don´t worry
since you´re not sorry
hell, but you did die with a great story

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Had to share that when I was 12 u had a really dark blue t-shirt with Murphy’s law on it – with gold letters were fun and people always asked me about it – I also had led zeppelins swan song in a different t-shirt – ha! Have a nice day amigo ♥️💚❤️

      1. Ha! Well I had older brothers so I guess I thought I was cool with those concert shirts – even though my Zeppelin shirt had the different colored sleeves – so u were never a Zeppelin fan??

      2. No, but I do remember I had a little phase growing up where I became an Anarchist, wore black, never painted my nails black though, and I do remember the group Iron Maiden, seems I stopped being an Anarchist when that stopped to be fashionable.

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