Veterans day

Forget about the solar panel and the propaganda later on, but hear what he has to say up to minute 3. How hard it is to adapt to civilian life after combat and how important it is to keep your head sane which having a good  job that you fill fulfilled it certainly helps for the most part for the person not to go insane, like me.  This guy was lucky though, like him there are not many including soldiers  from other countries. And I don´t want to hear shit about the solar  panel thing. I just thought this guy illustrated very well how veterans day, is not just one day of remembrance for guys who´ve been in combat.


  1. I read this debate on Facebook earlier. Veterans Day is for all who served – combat or not. Except for my ex husband, who was going to be kicked out of the Army, but I saved his career. He was honorably discharged, but was not allowed to re-enlist.

    1. If I told you the stories about my army days…..although me having been in combat, I do regard those who haven´t as not real soldiers. But that is just a macho thing. By the way I too almost got kicked out of the army right before my second deployment, and thank God my sergent saved my crazy behind, since is not normal to hit a liutenant and stay in. I was going to get jail time actually, but they did realise that my actions as unsubordinate as they where, they eventually rotated that liutenant out of the company for his incompetence, i did no want to go to that screwed up country under the command of this individual, he would have got us all killed. That was my argument, and corroborated by all my guys including the sergent. I might add that they still remember me there for that act amongst others.

      1. You almost got kicked out of the army for a good reason, my ex husband was getting kicked out because he didn’t meet tape (even though they gave him years worth of chances, he just kept getting bigger and bigger, as in fat, not muscular), was rude and lazy. You stood up for what you felt was right, and good for you for doing so.

      2. muscular I got to that thing but anyways anyhows that, and you can believe that, so that is the story. Now at age 33 (hey, you love me) the time has come to do and live other things.
        love ya though

  2. I can understand why you do not want to hear shit about this solar panel thing, especially on Veterans Day. This should be a day that recognizes what soldiers went through and how hard it is to adapt to civilian life after combat.

    I am glad you spoke your mind here. I am sure that many other veterans agree with you.

    Nice to have you blogging again 🙂
    Annie ❤

  3. There’s a debate going on here about whether veterans would be better off, if the VA were eliminated. It’s been notorious for delays, but has special medical expertise. I’ve been impressed by the veterans groups helping fellow veterans adjust to civilian life. As you probably know, a number of these use the skills soldiers developed in combat to deal w/ natural disasters. Team Rubicon was among the first to set up triage centers in Haiti after the earthquake.

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