Lone Man

I´ve been around the world twice
It wasn´t all that nice

Talked to everyone once
And I  felt enhance

I push more meaner, more sweeter and,
more completer, than any other person around,
since I act like a hound.

Everything in life worth doing
Then is worth overdoing

Moderation is for cowards,
I´m a lover, I´m a fighter, I´m also now a crazy writer.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Crazy writer strikes again – nice flow and content to your writing 💙💗
    have a good weekend sir spaniard (brother from another mother living I a foreign land) – ttyl

  2. You really think moderation is for cowards. I think moderation is so darn tough, that it would actually be for the strong because they have found the balance and will and strength to resist that which will only leave them feeling yuck in the end. I believe that human beings are extremists, and that balance is one of the toughest things to obtain.
    Hope things are looking up for ya Charly.

    1. I was doing creative writing, was talking about army days, and there moderation is for cowards, but you do know what kind of moderation you are talking about 😉 still love ya, was a good poem I think

      1. I tend to agree. I’m either totally obsessed, or uninterested. There’s no middle ground. Speaking of poetry books, I hope you put one out soon. You have such a unique and original voice

      2. when you really love your job ( in my case infantry) but you love it more than oneself, even the bastard right next I could and would give me life for him , as well as he did

  3. Hola guapo. It was Veterans Day the 11th. At least in the USA I guess. I know you don’t have Facebook. But I have. And I posted a video about a tribute for veterans on my page and I dedicated it to you. I just wanted you to know.

    I’m proud of being your friend Lone rider.

      1. It is because you are not changing, you are evolving! A huge difference. People change because of the circumstances or any other influences, but they evolve because of their own potential, that is within!

    1. That was a photo taken with the computer at my parents house, I wish I was living in that room trust me.

      Yep, I know about you coming in March. Hopefully. You´ll have fun believe me.

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