The millennial generation/ wussification

So the great minds of authors William Strauss and Neil Howe have
named me and my generation the Milennials…..fuck this idiots,
they should have called this generation, GENERATION WUSSIFICATION.

That is my great mind at work and how I call these self entitled brats
I constantly see on t.v. I will say that I´m right in the bottom part of
the generation, meaning early 1980´s. But my generation, at least in Spain
has nothing to do with the kids I see today in campus in the U.S protesting
because their feelings got hurt. Hate this idiots. They protest because they want free
tuition,they protest because there are some other idiots that said something racist, they
protest and protest. Get the hell back to work for crying out loud.

I think to myself, why do these people think they are entitle to get a free education,
or any help at all for them to pay for it.
Education is a privilege. I couldn´t´maintain two jobs and a G.P.A of 3.3 so out went
my scholarship and back to Spain,did I bitch about it? Probably a bit, but most of all
because of me not blaming anybody else or asking the school president to help me out
with the money.

Education is a privilege not a right.
That some idiots in isolated instances say something
racial then suck it up or punch the guy. You´re feelings are not protected under nothing.
Though shit, that´s life. If I had to protest every time my feelings get hurt or I don´t
get what I want I would be standing all day chanting something stupid.

If you can´t pay the bills, if you see you´re going to get out of college having to pay the bank
for the rest of your life….guess what? Don´t go to the university, as I said is not a right is
a privilege.

And by the way what is wrong with having an apprentice job or skilled labour job?
I have worked from construction to anything you can probably name. And guess what also, they are
honorable jobs, and these students now do need some guy that is an electrician to hook them up
the wires so they can go on internet and twitter and keep being crying babies.

Last time I checked the U.S did vote overwhelmingly for a black president, last time I checked
the president wasn´t of much help when it got to isolated instances of racism. And the kids do
follow the leader eventually, it seems the new trend over there for this privilege kids to think
they are entitled to not get their feelings hurt, and for the government to help them out always.
Funny thing, they speak of free speech since they are tolerant.

There have been several instances
where other student journalist where covering the demonstrations and they where physically kicked out
and spit at by these “tolerant” people. To much tolerance creates arrogance,
which tends to lead in this case socialism fascism.
Since if you don´t agree with them, then you are the worst of the worst and you should be shut down.

Can´t pay college bills, sorry tough life, then you can´t go to college don´t expect the government
to pay for it. (The government that will have to get the money from other people I should add).
You feel like you have been insulted, that your feelings are hurt, fuck you and suck it up
but don´t go and kick the college president which what a pussy that guy. Put me in charge of
one of these universities, and let them tell me how “tough” they have it, I´d snap and smack a couple
of this rich idiots before they take me down.

I don´t like a bunch of things in my life, I have been called every name in the book, homeless,in two
shit countries where you really can see struggle of humanity not in some privilege university, I have
seen and pisses me off these self entitled brats.

Life is not fair, deal with it and stop crying.


  1. Suffice to say this is a massive story in the UK!!!!! What I can’t get my head around is how these Greeks got away with such a massive crime? Why aren’t British bankers who lent the money going to jail? Am I going insane?

    1. The Greeks? I´m paying for those idiots as well as you and as well as the rest of the people ( who work) for their idiotic decisions to vote for an extreme leftist government.
      Just a thoought from not a very bright man.

      1. Yep 😀 I’m pale winds-a-blowing and snow’s forecast for Xmas! You ask what is big here? Syria it’s absolutely massive story, refugees are on their way and our RAF bombers are NOW dropping ‘Paveway’ municions on IS oil installations consequently the UK is NOW a target like France, there you are such is life but what can you do, my take is we try and take the little fuckers out and carry on living our lives! Oh and LOL Donald Trump is big in the UK, I follow his speech’s good for him to be taking on the establishment. Hoe you are well 🙂

        (As an aside I’m not anti any race or religion but the IS cunts (sorry!) are incredible nasty in humane, turning 3000 year old archaeological sites to rubble for Gods sake)

      2. Agreed to that, just carpet bomb the place where this nuts have established their base. So you too got to know the Donald, quite the character which I actually agree with in most things that he says although I´m not sure if he´s going to follow through with what he says. I worked with the Brit´s, and their damn good professionals most of them.

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