I´m gonna waterboard you with my tears!!

Please honey
i ain´t showing you no more money
i popped a bottle and you started drinking which,
you got me thinking
while i was blinking
you speaking
and bitching
You Disgust me!!!
around you so distrustful you have to be
so manipulative you bitch
and this is no internet glitch
look at my eyes cause i´m gonna waterboard you with my tears
and then get a couple of family and friends to do some cheers

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. You better be smiling too, if not I´ll paint the white picked fence black and instead of the golden retriever I´ll get a pitbull, and….I won´t even cook you my special lassagna.

      2. Noooo!! I need that lasagna:)) how’s the house coming? Im ready to be in the window smiling as you drive up from a long day at work- I’ll have your favorite drink waiting, what is it again?

      3. My favourite drink?…… Not that hard for you to find. They all are.
        And you´ll get my lasagna, house doing o.k. There was a problem with the gas leaking

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