I´m a gangsta!!!

I´m here
spouting words in your ear
sticking my thumb in your rear
I just smear…..

They say i´m a nerd
They never heard
They never read

I´m a gangsta!!

Killing people,
left and right
with so much as a sigh
later on i get high…
on writing!

I´m the gangsta-writer
who can be sometimes a bit brighter.

I kill;
with guns and drums, with knifes and even annoying wife´s.
Since with writing,
I have the power of creating
whatever I want stating.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Haha- i did not know that one ! But it zones really nice – you know – to change things up a bit – even though this sequences handshakes are fun -like a shake – a high five – snap – elbow bump sideways hand slaps and end with a waving the fingers – jk

      2. I know that one, actually I think I started a trend here in Spain since that´s typical American. So I figured to do it here. They do look at me strange though.

      3. They think I´m an idiot, I just say ” hey, have you seen what are we surrounded? not very good the situation here, maybe we should learn something from those yankees”

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