The garden of Eve

The garden of Eve
is where I should live

The garden of Eve
is what humanity should perceive

Green prairies
Kindred spirits
Loving stories

A place of love and forgiveness
A place where there are no grievances

So today on Thanksgiving eve
I invite you to live with me in the beautiful garden of Eve

God bless and as always, Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I have my moments when the good Lord makes my two neurons work. I do have other poems of that type though, but the blog is called Crazy Life,so I do have to keep up appearances of being a nutcase….not that hard though.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too and God bless

      1. You know you can´t go walking around miserable. Even when things are tough, although this is writing, glad you guys don´t have to see me in my day to day life. But as you can see I did manage to get hold of a computer(long how I managed that one).

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