Wild turkey

How´s the turkey America?
Looking good say´s my friend Erika
here in Spain
there is no turkey to gain
only hardship and shit pain
so Thanksgiving
i thank….no thanks
red numbers in my account bank´s
me giving…..no living
i can give you my presence though
that should generate some dough
cause i´m the wild turkey here
for you to hear
damn, this was weird.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Thank God, at least you where crying of laughter and not boredom or sadness or madness or….whatever, hey, now I can´t see your eyes with those sun glasses.

      2. Hey cp2 – just came to leave a comment and saw this one with that emoji – and did you Know that that specific emoji was the “word of the year” for 2015 – the first time it was not a real word – but the face with the two tear drops is the most used emoji – and funny because I have never really used that one – but I guess it is numero uno – just FYI

      1. We saved you some leftovers of American turkey (well trader joes selection) but if you take any longer getting here – I will have to put it in the freezer – ha! Jk

      2. I won´t take much longer, next year if everything goes as planned so if it last´s in the freezer until then my stomach is more than open to some American turkey.

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