Out of my league

Angels falling from the skies
it´s you,
and your beautiful blue eyes

Dark hair, slim body
how can I be for you a nobody?

I can try to prove
so you can disapprove
I can try to persist
so you can be a mean beast

I can…
Nothing is gain
only sorrows and pain
Anything I do
you think I unrolled this or that screw

So Nothing,
it´s the end game
but there is no shame
only me is to blame

you are so sweet
and I´m out of your league

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. You’re not out of anyone’s league! I’ll tell you what gets their attention, pay not attention to them. They always wonder where you went you stop showing the with affection! Just my opinion though! 😀

  2. I don’t want any son of mine talking about women with slim bodies ok? When it comes to the ladies, big is beautiful. Remember what your daddy told you “If she ain’t 18 stone…she’s goin’ home”

  3. Hi creative rider…I recently noticed I guess I’m out of my own league….. and trying to figuere out how to get back in…
    Have a nice evening Charly

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