Marijuana effects

Sitting in a Perubian bar, as in a bar from Peru
but in Spain, and that really is a who?
Next to me is a non stopping chatting
and this is really turning to a comedy skid
Was I in the Spanish military
to end up in this irony

No sorrows for these Perubian
I should live in white suburbia
White picket fence
a labrador dog
and might as well throw in a hog

This “poem” sounded racist,
i´m just being gay-ish
in the nice sense of word
you heard!!!

Damn damn this has gone here and there
which is not my fault
last time I checked I felt from Niagara Fall

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

*written really while in bar owned by some people from Peru, nice food
and nice people actually,plus it was cheep which in my circumstances it was
probably more important than the rest, that damn kid, he couldn´t stop talking*



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