Witness grandiosity

You are about to witness,
writing in it´s most purest
of form-est
with timing
people say good poetry
needs no rhyming, that´s indeed
it should come from the heart,
well i love to read that
but right now i just fart
right now i´m having fun
while my head turns, spins spouts rhymes, while drinking a bottle of rum
who knows what is to come.
I´m a one man show of “success”
with a lot of hunger and stress
this writing thing isn´t giving me any money,
Decisions decisions
should be precisions
if I don´t want to end up
with my head stuck
in underwater demolition
with a big bank account incision
so witness this grandiosity
with all its irony
can turn out,
a negativity
a positivity
or really a screwed up reality.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Song comes from the heart and it rhymes, Charlie. A non-rhyming poem can be beautiful or boring as all hell. Always follow your heart.

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