Gone satisfaction

Satisfaction feels like a distant memory
Thinking of your beauty

I guess what I´m trying to say,

Is that my heart is bleeding
My head spinning

Inside dark thoughts I´m keep-in
From Monday to the weekend

Since I lost my beautiful ace
I lost track of time and space

No reaction
To further satisfaction
Gone satisfaction

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. buttercup? I´m not a cup nor I like butter, but it does have a nice ring to it. Very sweet.
      I just figured to mix it up a little, in the morning write some crazy shit and in the afternoon post some sentimental type of thing. But the worst thing, it actually bores me to write like that. Just a test to see if I can do it and how it comes out.
      Did you at least like it?

      1. Be prepared to to change in a second what you are for what you will become. So having said that corny thing, yes I´ll be sticking around. Plus since I know you need me, well I´m a humanitarian.

      2. By the way my first rule is that I don´t take nothing down, be it whatever I write or what others write. First Amendment, freedom of speech. Wrote by my great great great great and greater grandfather Samuel Adams

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