six word story travesty

The other day I read this deep things like
Ghosts:past;present;future:new man
by this man over here
So I started with that one and kept reading more in other blogs and actually
found a web page solely dedicated to this thing. That was a surprise
by the way. And all very beautiful, meaningful and deep.

Anyways, after reading the last one, a phrase suddenly popped into my head
and I counted it with my little fingers and it had 6 words and this is
what came suddenly out of my mind

She left him holding his penis

Go figure…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. OMG – Richard – I just snorted my coffee!! 😀 Charly, this is an epic 6 Word Story! Not unlike some of the never published stuff that floats around in my head.

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