Surfing my real world internet

Surfing my real world internet
if not careful you can regret
i can see a duo
doing the evil duet
this very well can turn into a set
their superficiality
is their normality
and disinformation
is their plot,
to make me a evil snot
hold it there bitches
they know,the same old tricks by the same old ho´s
I see through your bullshit;
which I sit, then chew it up
and eventually spit
you don´t scare me
i have bigger balls than your double D

Just surfing through my real world internet.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. About 10 minutes ago arrived.
        And you are right it is disturbing, not my mind, but the “people” to which is refered to, they are quite disturbed ones to put it mildly. You don´t even want to know

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