The kingdom of life

The kingdom of life
full of mysteries
full of seriousness

The kingdom of life
full of miseries
full of happiness

The kingdom of live
get it
embrace it
can be duplicity
and naivety
also maturity
plus sensuality
and love in it
anger lurking wicked

All part of the Kingdom of life!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I actually went to, that´s the length I go only for you, and actually didn´t find them very funny and distasteful although there where some good “blond” jokes….so I decided to tell you a little morning story that happened to me yesterday which I think beats fantasy.

        So I was with this girl in a bar, i look at my watch and realised that if I didn´t get the 6 p.m bus I wasn´t gonna make it to go to another place, she already had drank her beer and I had mine in the hand half full. So out I go out of the bar walking quickly, I completely forget about the girl and reach the bus stop that was about 60 yards from the bar. Suddenly the bar man a Rumanian (which I think he´s a hit man by the way) comes running at the bus stop all the way shouting, I´m staring at this dude thinking what in the world is wrong with this guy and what the hell does he want from me since it seemed his eyes where transfixed on me and he didn´t seem too happy so I was already preparing myself to get into an altercation. He finally reaches me and looks at my hand. I look down and see I have the beer still in my hand and worst of all in my rush not only did I leave the girl standing there with a dumfounded face but had walked with the damn beer and hadn´t paid for it. So you can imagine the people standing nearby the looks that I got.
        I´m trying to tell the guy that it has been a mistake that I didn´t realise that I had gone out not only without paying but with the damn bottle in my hand, the guy is telling me that he´s gonna call the cops, at this point I´m telling him that it won´t be a good idea for him, I could go nuts on him if he did. If I´m going in might as well go in for a damn good reason (plus the cops already know me, where on a buddy buddy type of level, that´s a long story). At the end I end up paying the guy right there in the bus stop and giving him the beer back, after that is, I gave it a big chug and emptied it. And the girl….haven´t heard from her.

        How is that for a story. I actually think that instead of scratching my head as to what type of novel and characters, plot, and everything else that goes with it I might as well just write the things that happen to me. That would be a pretty good hit.

  1. Charly, I love this story. I think you may of forgot to tell me you already had 10 beers because you were obviously drunk!
    You never want to upset a hit man! Rule number one! 😉 When you tell me stories about you I always think how much fun we’d have if we hung out. And I realized how much you love me when you told me what the lengths you went through to
    Make me laugh. To think you didn’t need any ole Internet to find jokes. You just need to tell me about your Saturday night 😉❤️. How are you my sweet friend 😉

      1. So I´m making you a favour, if the tears are salty you can use it to spray the food with it. Here in Spain we use salt for about everything.
        I´m so cold that I had a tear drop in my hand, but it turned to ice, then I threw it away

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