Bad Santa

luther-siler Photo prompt by Luther Siler
Prompt by

“Go Charlie! Go Charlie!” The crowd chanted and Charlie responded by chucking one
shot of tequila after another.

Today was going to be a great day, his two little nieces were coming to visit him
after years of his sister not wanting anything to do with him, so now he was going
to prove to his sister and really the whole family that he was a renewed man, a man
in control. This was just a little party with his friends. He took the last shot, said
his good by´s and got the Santa Clause Custom.

Ten minutes later, he entered his parents residence. And felt flat on his face.
The mother looked at the father the father looked at his son in law his son in law
looked at his wife all with a bewildered look in their faces.

“You idiot, look at you!!” The sister screamed.

“Whaaaaat?” And he went to sleep.

“Coming here shit face dressed in a fucking bird suit, Jesus!!”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Maybe, just maybe it went a bit over 100 words.



      1. Charly.. I know I don’t and I’m sorry for anything that’s ever brought you any strife. I mean that.. I truly am sorry.
        Charly, but the things I’ve been through are indescribable too. Maybe that’s why we get along. ((((Hugs))))

      2. yeah that´s a good thing, you know what they say about blonds and the thing they have in common with a bottle of beer? Is that from the head up of the bottle it doesn´t seem to taste good or have nothing in it…………

      3. I suffer from OCF is not my fault, Obsessive Compulsive Flirt,(my own family calls me a man whore….makes me sad) although the F was initially going to stand for something else but I decided to tone it down

      4. That´s fine too, I´m 33 the age of Jesús Christ, who would have thought I´d live that long, so my goal has been reached to get to 33, now I can die like a martyr. Get my own little cross and all, people worshiping me….yep, good to go

      5. Funny you say that,you´re the second girl today that has called me a dork, but can it be all capital letters, what´s the point in just having one capital letter, you really should think it through before you write

      6. Look at, damn. Can´t figure out how to cut and paste the damn thing, just go to YouTube and type Invictus add, well that´s me! Now are you surprise or what, I bet you didn´t expect that guy to be me.

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