Have fun with the ride

I just sit down, nothing prepared
and spit out words like a clown

I don´t know why but today I stumbled upon depressing post´s
and figured I should enlighten them with my ghosts

Relationships evolve
Relationships dissolve

Why would you keep re-thinking and trying to do the understanding
just stop with the over thinking and do the technique not minding

Life is not fair
People are a complicated affair

go with the ride
have fun with the tide
don´t be to self centering
be your own orienting

Have freaking fun as much with the ride!
Since life can be a short tide

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Thank you for reading, I did check out your blog and I think your quite brave and you do make a good service to put your own personal experiences out there for people to be more aware and probably help others that have gone through similar experiences.

      1. A form of therapy they say. Happens to me with this writing thing, I call it my “yoga”, just being able to express yourself or create a fantasy I found it to be quite good for me

    1. I mix it quite a lot, if not I get bored always writing the same thing, although I do tend to write with irony-comedy, sort of comes naturally. But I can be deeeep!
      Thank´s by the way. Hold on…all my poems are your favourite, say it?

      1. That´s why I´m having trouble categorising this things into a poetry book, I might just say in the prologue, these are poems that can´t be categorise so I ask you the reader to give me the feedback, can´t be categorise but are damn good…..That should do, what do you think?

  1. Ok – this is one of my favs of yours – and if categorizing – this falls in the categories of Wellness – relationships – and maybe coping!
    Have a nice day sir Spaniard 💕

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