Hey, I´m gay!

In some nightclub with loud music……

“Charly I´m gay.” He said with a somber look in his face
looking at the floor to seek some trace.

“You feel happy? Good, I feel like crap.”

“No.” He mumbled while he stumbled

“What?…no? That you want a ho? You nuts.”

“No ho bro, I´m serious.”

“Serious about what?!!” I scream at him misunderstanding
neither minding, just looking for booty understanding.

“Gay dude!!! I like dude´s!!”

“So what, I like dudes too, I like you I like Jose, most of
our friends are dudes.” This guy has taken a magic pill for this
creepy conversation skill.

“You idiot! I´m a fag!”

“What?!! Than now you want a rag?”

“No!! No!! I like it from behind!! Damn you.”

Realisation, ” O that´s, cool, more botty call for me. So what was
that all about, this stupid conversation we just had,
you almost made me go mad.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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