Uncommon Christmas carol

Rudolph the red nose rain deer
He was the top dog but couldn´t hear
Rudolph had a very shiny nose
Wich kids splashed freezing water with their hose
This is not going well, It bores me to the doors of hell

so, as i´ll just do it as I go:
Santa doesn´t exist
i say it again to persist
no Santa,
no presents for me
no luxuries for me
luxuries,let me think….
but first i got to do the one eye blink;
i got a house
in there, there are no mouse,
i have a loving family
although no much money for me,
my health is semi good
i can eat semi good food,
again, loving family
they are healthy
and that is already a bunch of wealth
which puts a smile in this guy mental health

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Imagine you want to put together a poetry book, what freaking
category would a thing like this fall in to?



      1. a more lovable version, and I´m not talking about the t.v series silly girl, talking about the Big Bang theory. Weren´t you the one who went to college and have a high level of education?……..o my o my……

      2. Where the crazy people are you mean? Fuck that, what about jail? It´s nicer trust me plus there once a month you have “special priviliges” with people from the outside, women you know?!!!!

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