Marlboro Man

kitchen-window[1]Another Friday of Friday Fictionairees by

He looked out the window and he saw what it seemed an army of police men,
from his left pocket he took out his Marlboro pack and lit up what would
be his last cigarette, he wasn´t going to pay again. He inhaled slowly the smoke,
he had no rush. They could sit there trying to negotiate all they wanted.
They didn´t know.

A loud gun shot was heard by the police standing outside. They quickly entered
and found him on the floor with the cigarette still in his mouth, the pack of
Marlboro in his left hand and blood gushing out of his head. A sneaky photographer
of the New York Times took a picture of the grisly scene and wrote a column
about the incident later on, making fun of the man.

In his right hand was a letter, the detective grabbed it and read ” I refuse to get fined
again for smoking in a public space, this overly politically correct bullshit is what´s
killing me, the second hand smoke while smoking in front of a building in Manhattan is not
going to cause cancer to a passerby while there is a gush of wind. Parents frowning on me
because I smoke in the car with my children makes me want to kill them.”

Next week in downtown Manhattan there was thousands of people with a Marlboro
cigarette in their mouth puffing as much smoke to the ozone layer as they could,
which didn´t brake by the way as authorities had warned.

They Chanted, “Marlboro Man!!” He created the smoking revolution.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Tell be about it!!!!!! We got some new laws in the UK that wouldn’t impress you……………. the older I get the madder the world.

    1. you also read that one….thank you, do appreciate you reading and the comment, by the way, love ya. 🙂 Look at my face it is no disgrace….., on a srious note I do appreciate you reading my crazy things

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