I´m a victim

I´m a victim
so you can slain
I´m a victim
so you can commit a crime
or i can get you and offer a dime

i have a loose screw
but nobody picked up in that issue

Blaming everybody else
for my mistakes
you did do, screw this-

still sitting here
listening to two dumb hope no heare

damn, probably i`m the dumb
just for a “classy” sum?
so, i go to my flow, got to get here
and there, put the freaking snow
so i can blow


this sounds like a urinal
i better smile and the the comical

So I´m a victim, so true so false
when i revolve, but can´t see a glee
of that sell,,,weird. But, I´m a victim
the last time I say this, since
society hates me, so
i´m the victim
and this one
you know?
i truly hate the fuckers, (sorry but no worry or not sorry)
victimization, nation, want to do at the victimization
a rarely kin kong kin ping……you`re off my nation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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