where the hell am I

I that is the word so you can die
I that is the word so you can do a Skype
I….forgot my I,
by the way, where the fuck am I?
did said a good by and a nightmare
sitting here with a,
there is no other word for it
it´s a ho bro, i could score
hahah, in my world they do have…. the computer to make her snore
was gonna write more
then or now
i just figured to let it be down
just woke up
and i figured
what a puzzle
you rascal
here i am
with a little prostitute
this is not saying a lot of me
so let it be
i´m a hero
through my head or dead, so go witha that one, which is none
did i really score
i´m actually bored
forgot, i just wrote that..snap!
they do let you use the computer
that is so much sweeter
hell, where did i just wake up

Stay Frosty Gents and Gentesses,



      1. do not kill yourself, let me do it!!!
        by the way my poetry is.,..go figure
        and that´s pretty nice as my head heare
        but each to his own…… by the way it seems your getting a little to smart ass, be careful 😉

      2. nooooooooo, you bro, i can see a , really?i can do a willy but also a change-y or just let it be…..how about that poem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,,,,,f,,……..love ya 😉

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