Not much time so, so goes a mine

I know
you do want to read this Spanish son
so-here- we go

It´s Teddy Piker!!!

He doesn´t want to be equal
For that strange people

you heard,
my word
it is one pretender
he can´t do a surrender

It´s the Teddy the Piker!
i can go much quicker
out went the meter


yo bro!
sounds strange like
where I´m in some
retarded ho
be that strange
you think i can change….

So, it´s Teddy Picker

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.














      1. Thank you moonskittles, I was browsing today through your blog, you gotta explain me what´s with the burleque structured poetry, have to learn at least that one…….and Merry Christmas!

      2. Ohh yes, that is a great one! 😀
        Enjoy learning it! 😀 and tag me when you post it, so I can give you a grade 😀 😀

      3. Nope, the socialist progressive government wanted to make them ilegal since they thought, (as probably you do too) it´s cruel and unusual punishment for the poor bull, but the people of this country almost raised up in arms if they take the bulls away, it´s just very ingrained in our culture, since I was a kid in the little town I was born I have been running with the bulls in “encierros” although I don´t like the bullfights, for the simple fact that they bore me, but I do like going to them instead of watching it on t.v. It´s all a very festive atmosphere, you have whole families there that bring the typical spanish food to eat in the stands and the wine….wooya! For me is just normal. But yes, the progressive left that have their morality above everybody else did try to make them ilegal some years back but the people said, ” You take the bulls away from Spain and we will cause you pain!!” So for once, the people one and not the government.

      4. lol.. nope, I do not think that it is cruel.. i am from a land who has similar strong and stubborn head like Spain (actually we Albanians have two heads 😀 )
        There are many things that the world is focusing on, instead of helping the poor and the widow and the hurt..
        OLE! 😀

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