Just a great advice……?


I have no clue what to write or why I put this photo up
I do know later on i might need some makeup

By the way
The other day

Why am I writing in two sentence phrase?

So here it is! I just came up with an idea
and believe it or not i stole it from the evil Russians in Crimea.
So I was talking with, or I should say commenting with this girl
maybe she had a messed up curl, but at comment number 4 i did realize
it was a minor. I was telling her how great writing i was finding in
her blog but the litte snob goes on a rampage in her little mind cage
as to how she wants to publish 3 posts a day, and she wants this amount
of LIKE´s and she wants this amount of followers and that this girl said
this and that….fuck, i almost snap, what´s with the new generation and
computer technologication…..if i was her father, i would take a hammer
and smash her devices so she wont go nuts in what is a kind of vices.

So there you go, i even think that i froze snow and Santa? Didn´t seem
to find the freaking chimeney, probably because Dick Cheney shot him
with a grin.

Sorry, this just came out that way, but it´s a cool picture that spidey dude
and he´s not even nude.

And I know technology is essential now a days,
for most of us, but i can go without it, i don´t have to take a picture of me
to put it in Instagram and say “look! I just got out of the bathroom”. Just
talking about wordpress, that is, i´m not going to lie, ofcourse i like when people put a LIKE and follow this poor guy´s writing sorrows, or clown-ows,
but if they take it away from me, is not the end of the world, which i tried to
convey to this girl, and………silence. Didn´t hear from her again, and she just
started following me, so let it be my great diplomacy skills that go down strange
wind mills. Or maybe i´m the strange one, for thinking like not many one.
A great quote, “Be able to change at any moment who you are for what you will become.”
Easier said than done, but i could become a nun, if time need be.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Believe it or not, I’ve come across those types of bloggers. I think that what most people want is to know that they are valued. However, some people place importance on volume and not quality. Some of the most interesting blogs I’ve come across have very supportive readers. Yours is one example, Charly. You have a great attitude to life and your friends will show up for you. Warm wishes for the season. xo

    1. As I always say, never got into the blog thing to get followers and likes (yet is rewarding ofcourse), but this girl seemed obsessed. I figured that I will wrtie what I want, what makes me happy what I enjoy and if people like it then fine, found out that quite a lot of people like it i guess. And those who I have more connection with I truly appreciate those people, not saying it to sound good, i truly appreciate them.

      And you´re right, I have found terrible good writers that i try to read as much as I can and very few people follow them. So what you said about content and not volumen does resonate with me.
      And last but not least, I truly appreciate your comment and support.

  2. Omg yes! Most of the people forget what real world is like. Take it from a teen who grew up in this gen they are so sucked Into the imaginary world…its crazy. Like yeah when I am free I do come here but I can go days without it. (Geez dont gasp people its not that dramatic). So yeah. Having goals is awesome and being into something they really like is cool too but getting addicted or obssesed or sucked in to it is….it is…unhealthy, bad, unnecessary and not good for you. Well atleast she is following you till now…wonder if she will after that post xD

    1. No, she stopped following me quite some time ago, as i said in the “poem” this suddenly popped up in my head and decided to spill it out.

      And yes, yesterday (which is probably why it popped into my head) i was watching the American news and they have actually at least this doctor an addiction, (forgot the exact name he said) but that it was an addiction and as all addictions it goes to the extreme, and anything that is extreme is not good that´s for sure.

  3. Writing quantity over quality? Let’s hope she finds out soon that is not the greatest recipe for long-term success. Gauging her self-worth on the popularity of her blog? Let’s hope that, as she matures, she realizes her mistake. Unfortunately it seems to be the ‘fate’ of so many young people in our age of “technologication” – measuring their self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence according to how many likes, followers or friends they have on various social media … Thank you for sharing this post!

    1. You nailed it when you said, “measuring their self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidenc according to how many likes,followers or Friends they have on various social media”.
      Appreciate your comment, always insightful.

  4. I agree. And I look myself in the mirror to find that I guess I’m very unhealthy myself…obsessing over Bruce Springsteen, obsessing over a past crush, worrying over everything and a little more….
    But thanks to your advice yesterday…..I woke up with a different mindset… I’m not religious. But I will pray that I’ll be brave as you and from now on… leave stuff that doesn’t do me any good behind…
    Have a great day Charly with a lot of creative writing!!!

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