Hot sauce

Appreciate you writing this wacky thing for me

Charly Priest
is a beast peacemaker
maybe Laker fan, trans-am also ran
away to get some beers and Moet, don’t forget Slade,
dismayed to hear that I the Borgia Lex would wreck it,
he checked out early,
Charlie agreed,
and released me
from convention
I see his point dexter and raise him two new shoes,
trade them for a motherboard bro,
cause hos ain’t representing tempting you right
each night the lights go off without a pause to enjoy some sauce,
da game’s not lost,
toss a line
Calvin Klein style
to find an avenue to tame the shrew foot loose,
with Moose & Jughead,
you the man don’t get betta,
Godzilla got nuttin on you,
the smooch master faster than a pussy-cat,
slow down,
give the bitch time to get there,
her razor blades are shaved hairless,
missed a spot 2drop the hot sauce on,
for Long Tongue Silver,
shiver me timbers dinners almost ready to head to Spain,
so chow down
at the ding dong,
it’s paid to get laid by a made man,
stand, and be counted Charly Priest, feast.

And now I will add, something rag
cause I gotta run to get the bus to get to the fucking food stamp ramp.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and Lexborgia you are my muse called gloria



  1. Yo! What was this in response to? What post? You were using the word ‘eventually’, which triggered my response. Which post is it?
    I’m tweaking my blog; I need to link to the post which started this battle.

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