I don´t know why….

I don´t know why when cooking and I mess up I go ballistic
I don´t know why when standing in line and it takes forever I go frantic-stic
I don´t know why when I see a person dying on me I´m calm and do the job I had been
trained to do while I shoot, scoop, move and communicate
I don´t know why in three occasions in the civilian life when I encountered
people in very bad shape and everybody either panicky or they just freeze
I don´t know why I immediately react to help those in bad shape and actually
saved two lives, they should fucking give me a civilian medal so I can pedal
in a good bike that I would name Mr. Spike
I don´t know why if my computer fails I scream all my tails
I don´t know why when the real shit hits the fan, I´m calm
I dont know why…. hey psychologist I´m saying, hi!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Maybe you’re calm during life and death situations because you’re trying to help someone other than yourself. You want to save them more than anything else. However, during the moments when you go “ballistic” it’s about you. You’re frustrated and tired! ❤️

      1. I figured it would scare you. I couldn’t help but laugh so hard at your response. Hilarious. I read an article about writing a few months back that mentioned most writers are virgos… How weird is that?

      2. O.k, I just went to your Bio page Amanda Gordon from New Mexico , by the way you should feel bad that you kicked out the Mexicans of that territory and istead of naming it an American name you rub it in their faces, “this is now the New Mexico…, anyways I´m talking here with a published authour, that´s always unique for Little me.
        I finished a poetry book, but have no clue how to go on about publishing it,
        I´ll give you the title “Uncommon chap book from a self anointed poet”. I might need some advice as to how in the world you go about publishing this things, and you are a virgo so you are bound by the “virgo duty” to be here for a higher purpose and help the needy, which that would be me.

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