Ninja boy


Dressed in black
now you see him now you hear a smack,
“who´s there?!!” you cry and stare.
No voices to be heard, just a shadow,
looming through the air. “Help Help.”
You cry, but there is nobody to reply
to your pleads, suddenly you look and
your ninja man is sitting my the fire
you lost all your desire of, sorrow
and were you felt hollow, now you are
filled with…..Ninja Boy!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


    1. Thank you but I have to give credit to another blogger, we were talking about ninjas (that´s a long story as to how we got to a ninja coversation)and suddenly this popped out in my head so just decided to write it and since I had that picture stacked away it seemed to fit with the ninja outfit-theme

    1. The person who took the pic didn´t seem to have a very good pulse, since it´s all blurry although it makes the fire that much better with that person´s hands trembling

    1. I´ll get there, get down next Christmas through the chimney ,with fire resisting clothes that is, then change to a tuxedo and sit under the christmas tree and wait for you to wake up.

    1. Hey, it just popped into my head while I was writing with you. literally I formulate this crazy things including the rhymes in the head. So I don´t take much to write a poem really, but the point here is that YOU my ❤ were my inspiration

      1. Hahahaha I do listen to eminem alot tbh. He s a cool ass guy! Prob I’ll go read the rhyme story so I can make history! (Told u I m bad at this)

      2. I don’t get rhymes that easy.. It takes time… Ideas for me pop up when I am all busy or reading quotes you know xD. It comes with all the first line and emotion everything. I call it writers high haha

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