I think she doesn´t like me she thinks,
she thinks she is miserable while she has a couple drinks
she thinks her family doesn´t love her the way she wants
she thinks this guy should be like that and now is not so what? Now….
she thinks all the while she´s a rich and spoiled but hates the oil
cause she has to save humanity…. come down to the sewer and
so you can see the real brewer

Time to grow up, you´ve been sheltered for too long
so nobody can take out a magic wong and sing you the pretty song
you want to hear, yes people by nature tend to be imperfect, except this writer that is,
people betray you, people are also good, but you my dear go to the extreme, in some kind
of an outcast scene, you meet people and you suddenly want from them to be your best friends
or meet a guy and want it to be the man of your dreams and live happily ever after with children
that are not a disaster, wake the fuck up.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I love this poem, Charly. I also love that sign about the complaint department. They both go so well together. As always, you know exactly what’s going on in the state of the human heart. xo

    1. Just life, not much to it, but some people just drive me nuts with so much complaining. I have my issues too, everybody has their own issues and is good to vent once in a while but day after day…phew, it not only going to drive that person nuts it´s actually going to drive nuts the people around that person

      1. I agree. It’s exhausting reading the same complaints over and over again. We DO all have ‘stuff’ to deal with. Venting, ranting sometimes can be good but when it’s constant… that’s wallowing or attention-seeking and not good for anyone.

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