Dungeon Prompts: Family


Family is an abstract melody
There is the two people that made King parody
But since an early age
He saw little of one since he had to be working hard in another stage
Leaning on the two people that made him has always been elusive for this writer
Since at a very early age he went out into the world to screw it up and also to be a fighter
Much later on this writer rejoined with the two that made him
And he had no choice but to lean on them since things were in a dungeon quite grim
He discovered that after years of a lot of disparity between them
They would be so generous to take him in so he could recharge and return
The two who made him from an early age had tought him independence was life´s blessing
So after the recharge out he went again to not try to do much of a messing
He realized they loved him very much
But as good family they have to let this writer live his way as he thinks is his lust
There is never a touchy feeling going on in this family of one
That he knows and doesn´t expect a pat on the shoulder constantly so he goes on the run
The run of life
With all life´s strife
But the worst for this writer and generally a human being
Is to be dependent on those who made him or any type of making
And those who made him in their own way are proud
Even though they made not say that out loud

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


      1. I do read your work, and you´re certainly a gifter writer, IT professional and a bunch of other things, the question is now….you wouldn´t be superwoman?

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