Inspiration time!




      1. Hahahaha.. :-)…Yes I am … I pressed the wrong button..and I was going to correct it into a correct polite smiley…Then I thought It looked pretty nice with a wink I didn’t erase it….I usually don’t wink at people but I did an exception for you…

  1. I empathise with the first phrase but this Christmas this year I’ve struggled with the second, still there’s always tomorrow 🙂 , certainly a quotation to remember in 2016

    1. Between you and me…and everyone else, I myself find this thing corny. Really is to reassure idiots like me that everything will be fine, that you are special, peace and love and all that and the world is full of roses.

    1. Exactly, all the progress in humanity has been made by people who thought outside the box and saw the opportunities of the future while investing in the present, and those people are the ones that have an incredible drive and a fight in them, since everyone will tell them that what they want is not possible and they will bump against the wall and fail one time after another but they won´t let it beat them down, they just keep moving forward with their vision. And those people are not necessary the “Maria teressa” type of people, quite shrewed they have to be in quite a lot of cases, like Carnegie, Einstein, Rockefeller, the list goes on, but they revolutionized the world. And I´m not one of those types, so I´ll just stick to my writing and if I can make people have fun with the show of my writing, I´m good with that.

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