My wordpress review!!

Reading through a bunch of blogs yesterday
i was in dissarray. A lot of blogs had their wordpress review
so then i knew i had to spill out the beans out for you.

Are you ready?…hold it there, be steady, hit it!
I got, 100 million reviews, wich makes a billion
and sort of got me looking like a reptilian.

The wordpress dudes and dudesses said behind their dresses( that include dudes)
that with that amount they could count that if all of you would go to each
store of Levi´s Strauss to score, Levis would run out of pants and eventually
you´d ended up so happy you´d fall over plants, destroying the ecological system
making global warming even more of a worrying and all because you read
Charly the Priest so please, wordpress says to make a donation to this writer
here is the grinder bank account number 666-666- Devil! Punctuation mark has to be included
if not it all be diluted.

Stay Frosty gents and gentessses.



      1. It´s the NSA, I gotta check the email now, I see I got 389 notifications most if not all posts, so trying to find your email amongst all that sea of posts, well, don´t you think is an easy task young lady

      2. Oh shit hahahaa. Misunderstanding here! Hahahaha okay I got too excited when I found my review I came to tell you about it. Well the review the wordpress sent is in your email. Sorry!

      3. Why would I want to look at your statistics? Shouldn´t that be there for you to see. Now why don´t you put me a link of a hot girl, that would do for the start of the new year…..damn, I haven´t change from one day to the next day of the new year so my new years resolution just went out the window

      4. Exactly my point why will anyone want to look at each others stats…unless they want to show off ? Hahaha change is one thing another is chaos. How will charly be charly if he changes that? Huh xD

      5. You evil woman, you where testing me….
        I got a swift smell that it was happening.
        You did get that my post was basically making fun in a good naturaly way that is of all this crazy sudden boom of trend that everyone was putting out their stats.

        Seems the new year hasn´t change me, damn

    1. You might find the WP email in your spam folder, mine was, along side ‘Russian’ why and how I have no idea. Hope that helps.

      1. I thought he was talking with me, so he´s actually talking to Jade so Andrew you are talking to Jade and Jade is talking to Andrew in Charly´s blog and ….fuck I´m confused

      1. Yep course it’s me! Lying on my bed with a lamp next to my ass taking selfies…… very liberating actually AND you get nice comments 😉

  1. This is really fun and clever “hour version” of the stats that go out from wp – oh my gosh are u funny Spainiard! The Levi’s and the plants — and do not think i will not get a stats report this year cos my blog is new – but that’s ok – happy new year and side note – said a prayer for U for strength and balance – stay strong sir writer!

    1. I just got tired at looking at blogs with that wordpress stats thing, people seem to be very proud of their stats, so I guess I´m the weird one. In a way I was making fun of the rest. But good naturaly. How I ended up tying the levis with the plants leading to more global warming…..go figure,, my imagination.
      I did pray this morning, I usually do it at night, but I woke up and did it. For strenght, specially with the “bubly bubly”

      Hope your having fun with your new years celebration, over there is probably going on.

      1. Well one tip I have is to seriously remember that a physical cleansing will help – many folks who quit drinking have more success when they take certain herbs – and eat lots of protein – but especially folks who consumed a lot of beer – it was feeding stuff inside the GI tract and that could take a while to adjust to – so eat good fats – good proteins – stay hydrated – and you can do this! But Kroeger herbs used to actually have a “stay sober” formula – I think it is now called SPK formula – and the herbs help stabilize the GI tract –
        And while relapse is sometimes a very natural part of breaking habits – sometimes relapse happens because the persons physical body is literally dependent and just used to what it was consuming!
        And right now in Jesus name I pray for wisdom and insight about what your body needs each day. I pray that your effort to start the new year off with balance will pay off in many ways – and that u will be encouraged as you take it one hour at a time! And I also pray for other folks who are literally poisoning their bodies with alcohol and other things – that they would stop and see how faulty thinking about partying can slowly decay their life and body –
        Side note – this lady Brenda has a niece who is now in sober living – so please keep her in prayer too /
        Sending a blog hug your way – ❤️💕

      2. I sure will keep Brenda´s niece in my prayers. And thank you.
        I´m actually an expert as to what I have to eat and not to eat and drink,(after the first almost fateful time I got in the hospital 3 years ago I´ve returned 8 times since then so you can imagine if I know this stuff) red tea, green tea come in handy.

        Anyways, I will pray and and hope the niece keeps sober, not an easy task as you well know.

      3. Cool – and glad you know this – but many docs are clueless about intestinal stuff and trust me sir writer – many folks have Candida infection jn their gut – look it up and read about the silent epidemic candidiasis and especially for drinkers! We have Candida in our gut in the yeast form but then with antibiotics and certain other things – it changes to a fungal form and the Candida gets hyphae and they cover your 25 feet of intestines – and beer is catnip for Candida –
        But if you have a plan in place I will not keep mentioning it – I have just learned so much – like I did not realize how toast was perceived as sugar by the body – and feeds it too – argh – but sorry you have been in and out of hospital – all the more reason I know a parasite cleanse will help – but I will not nag about it – I promise!!

      4. For example these past days I was actually in a lot of pain, why? Cause I went of a binge of eating great tasty food, lot´s of chocolate, and then…the kidneys got the worst of it. Feels like I had been beaten real good throughout my upperbody. And I know is the kidneys because of the colour of the urnine, I had trouble going to the bathroom for that part, it hurt when I did that, and it´s hard pinching sensation from the back and left and right side of your body all the way to the front. Just sitting and typing left me almost pass out, I had to go and lay down.
        Plus, to tell the truth the mother from the country here, she´s quite the expert, and if is not very very serious, we use what we have always called here “los remedios de la abuela” The remedies of the grandmother in English, no antibiotics or pills, just good all drinking alot of water to clean the system, a specific tea that does make you go to the bathroom which means ceaning the system, and hot water, you get into the hot tub with real hot water and that helps too. Old fashion style when they didn´t have medicines for every single thing a person may have. Plus eating light food, specially vegetables mashing them to form a “pure” turning them into liquid (don´t know the name for that in Inglish) just a good sof diet, not a lot of proteing during this stage, quite the contrary the fewer the better, and today is the first day I woke up quite much better after 6 days.

      5. Ahhh – that makes sense because if the kidneys are stressed then they can’t handle the proteins – and don’t even get me started on the meds they use now – most of them are short term fixes that only treat symptoms! They never get to root causes and the reason so many drugs have side effects is because they are corrupted versions of herbs and other things God put here (like you said) for healing!
        But a parasite cleanse is helpful to all people and so is rebuilding the immune system – side note is that all healing happens when we restore the bio terrain and rebuild the immune system and Lighten the burden on the organs and system- I will come back later to share a few links with u – but one guy I know reminds folks to also take enzymes (sparks of life) and a few other things – but sounds like you have some great natural remedies in the works right now!
        Be back tomorrow to check in more – love ya ❤️🌸😏

  2. charlypriest have you thought of putting the search ‘widget’ onto your Front Page? I could maybe find your phone post there. (Sorry I just have to stop with the bad language, my apologies when ladies read, it’s inexcusable to swear on someone else’s blog) 🙂

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