A new day to pray

Waking up after a night of lightning and fire,
I had no desire; and suddenly I pull the shades apart
and see this piece of beautiful art. I put the first cigarette
of the day in my mouth, not really you willy nilly, the first one
starts as I´m lifting my head from the bead, the perks of being
single and ready to mingle.
I see this beautiful day, that will stay for today
a day of hope, a day of, forgiveness….that was a bit off into the silliness
forgive? depends on my mood. Anyways, I have some great food for today
and as the Lord say: Be grateful for what you have. I might very well invented
that, but I don´t hear HIM yelling at me in snap or heard a big crack.
So I´m alive, a day older, much wiser….ha, that was a “cheister”
but I am the womanizer. Happy pappy Saturday with a bit of Brandy,
that today will be my little treat, unfortunately for her she won´t be able to sleep.

So a new day to pray, family is in good health and that basically is all that I have
of wealth, more than enough.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Bed is boring, sleeping is boring, life is too short to spend it lying down in bed. Unless you´re with company I really don´t see any point in having a bed.

      2. Your comment suddenly made me very energetic. Let me run off and do some work while I still got that inspiration!
        In the meantime, love your writing.

  1. Wonderful amigo!

    I´m alive, a day older, much wiser….ha,

    That was my fav line but I agree with the other comment about the great flow here toon- which is nothing new which you dude! Cos that is how u roll – words jam and flow! Now I go but please know I pray for u so…..

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