Army boy

Cool, I wasn´t in school with 19 years old
i was too awesome and did glow, fortunately
and also unfortunately, but this is the only photo booth
i have in that fucked up country, never liked cameras
but the idiot did take a shot of me and the other three
in the spanish version of the american Humvee.

So that was long time ago, hit it,

Army boy,
brought pain and gain
as well as joy,
with my bastards
who eventually more some than the others got their own scars
is hard to comprehend for civilians that mentality
of those who chose to get into a world of insanity.
Young adults, who don´t put up with insults
and which the mission it truly is number one division.
cushy cushy, fashion pussy
you might not like us
but as americans say “fight or flight”
you do ask us to be prepared to not sleep at night.

Point being,it was a job as my chaplain told us,
no King and country, we were just bound by our circumstances
those who sought adrenaline, money, strange weird love for each other
even those who you didn´t like, you would hit the word LIKE´D in
wordpress,cause they were and still are the bastards
who did their little part of the job,
so you won´t even notice those flashcards

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


    1. Here in Spain there is no such thing as PTDS, the army doesn´t provide psychologist nor as soldiers we wanted them, we left normally in the middle of night, no cameras no nothing as sneeky as the government could get us out of Spain the better, and returned also sneaky. In my case we couldn´t call home, since officially the government didn´t want to disclose what we were doing. So a lot of top secret, which is ridiculous since it was a regular infantry outfit. But according to the socialist government Spain didn´t have tropos in the area which where at which is North West, in a screwedu place called Qalainau ( and Í´m quite surre I spelled that wrong) and that the only tropos we had there in another part of that stinky courntry, where basically peace keepers. So nobody really knew nor knows nor do they care what truly we had to do there. Which for us is normal, the strange thing is how the Americans treat their soldiers. Here in Spain the mentality is completely different since we were under a military fascist dictator up until the year 1975, and a great amount of the population sees the military as a threat, specially The Spanish Legion, which the socialist and anarchyst (our parlament you have every kind of groups “representing”us, even the terrorist by the way) and others do relate to our cool Little dictator Franco. Since it was and is still, what the americans would call “shock” troops. The first in, make more with less, and all the rest.

      1. Okay this made me believe you actually were a soldier. I never knew that! Oh my god. That is so cool!!! I always wanted to know a soldier!! I really wanna ask you questions like so many of them xD But yeah as you said it s hard to comprehend the mentality of wanting to get into a world insanity. It’s rather brave actually. I salute you for it!

      2. Like me there are millions, nothing special I guarantee you that, except for the obvious things that goes along with that job, the rest is nothing special. Always wanted to know a soldier? Why is that, what´s the appeal, tell that to one of my ex´s that dumped me when I was deployed to run off with a friend. Some of you people think we´re superhéroes or what, we´ve been commenting for some time. Do you see anything special? Apart from my cool writing, that´s what I do now and actually always liked it except I never got around to do it until a couple of years ago.
        Writing, that is what´s truly cool.
        By the way, I think I lost where in the world I saved your challenge for this month, so if you can send me the link again I´d be gratefull.


        Here lil Charly! Okay first of all I never acted like you all are super hero’s but yeah u guys do risk your lives there so your country men can be safe. That is what is cool! You guys leave you wife , children, girlfriend to go into a world of craziness. Literally. I always did because I have Soo many questions! A soldier s emotions always intrigued me! How could they go in it again and again? What do they feel seeing their family after a war u dint think you d return from! There are like millions of other that I would love asking. That’s my appeal in it. How could you be so strong mentally and physically and emotionally and its just expected out of you! I do see a lot of stuff speacial. First up that u actually did keep me interested in the convo… Unlike most people..its a tough job! Good work 😉

        Writing truely is cool I agree but dropping everything to defend your country and getting trained for that on top! That’s commendable!

      4. Thank you, I was just a 19 year old nut along with other nuts that wanted adrenaline, a steady pay and wanted to experience war. Not so much to defend country or any idealistic reason. We where quite practical about it, this was our job, someone has to do it. Joining the Spanish Legion is hard, out of my class which lasted 2 months of basic training out of 50 only 20 we where left. Every 2 weeks they did a shooting test, phyisical and mental (that one was a joke). Then another month of Specific training,which you basically not only know how to fire your rifle which since the very beggining they will tell you that your rifle is your girlfriend and that you didn´t leave your girlfriend alone, so the 3 month is working constantly with different type of weapons and then you get to your unit where it´s another month of constant working with weapons a infantry stuff, how to move in squads, platoons, which is your role if you have to do this tactic or that other so on so forth. Mentally yes you gotta be tough, actually I saw a lot of big muscle guys not able to take it, and the Little ones walking on “forced marches” with 40-50 kilos wearing us down, the Little ones making it, and one guy I remember he was sort of a legend since he completed the march after spraining his ankle at kilometer 8 and we had to finish a 30 kilometers march. Basically your weapon is an extensión of you, and then comes the reality of war, which some guys, very few really, couldn´t take it. And we did trash them hard, they where good people, but in those situations I don´t need a good person next to me, I need as I call them “my bastards” tough tough guys that you might not want to have a tea with them, but that they are professionals and they will not hesitate when is time to pull on that trigger, and more other stuff that you have to do as infantry. Is not only shooting bad guys.
        I could write a whole novel about that chapter of my life really. But it is a chapter that is closed, as many other chapters that have come before and after that part of my life. Now is a new chapter.
        You said how to leave the family behind, that was tough, but once you get deployed your family becomes those guys that you have trained for months and years with, constant training repeating the same techniques over and over again until it becomes second nature, so you just in most of us we just react when the things got bad. And it is the ultimate adrenaline high, hard to later come out of it. But those bastards, were your family at that time. ´We did think of ourselves as a select group, and we´re quite proud of it, actually very proud. And those are the guys you faught for, not King and country and idealistic bullshit. Ask any soldier and they will tell you the same, when bullets start flying the least in your mind is the thought of doing it for your country, you know if you do your job as you have been trained which hopefully keeps you alive, in my case yes in 5 other cases my bastards didn´t make it, it truly is a “game” of inches, an inch here or there the bullet migh just graze you, or kill you. And I´m getting too much into it.
        No more military things, go and have an interview with a current one if you like, plus one that has recently just got out of a deployment, trust me, being 7 months in my case, for the americans was over a year, but 7 months without seeing a girl only guys around and our jokes if I told you, you´d probably think we where barbarians which is really a cope mechanism. But 7 months without a girl around and always being on the edge(most of the time anyways) you can imagine the only thing we wanted when we returned back home, girls and get drunk.That was our misión to relieve all the stress. So I´m bound by the soldier code, you gotta show your “love” for returning soldiers. Guarantee you that most of them will thank you much more than if you say, “thank you for your job, or you are a hero”. Believe me, doing so many things with so many guys, hero is one Word that we can´t comprehend, but a Kiss from a good looking woman that we can, we are humans. 😉

      5. Wow thank you xD 30 klm March thats alot! See that’s new to me! The though that actually went on in your head when the first bullet Is fired. I don’t know but I really do find it intriguing and cool. Well that’s putting it mildly. Anyways….yesterday I did this weird thing of thinking I am not a writer xD Why…I don’t know but I did. It was kinda stress buster too. But then I got so annoyed cause all the time I was thinking like a writer again n again! Guess a writer cannot have a holiday after all x( Thanks for sharing so much with me dude! The “game of inches” is what people try playing in virtual worlds to get the adreline high you know!

  1. Ok sir Spainiard – enjoyed your last few poems – and was chuckling when you wrote “hit it” – wow – throwback Thursday yo – brought me back

    Love ya amigo

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