lawyering up

So finally came the day, where I will know if it´s a she or a he-
friendly, don´t care much;
competent, he or she better be such.
Pain in the neck, have to be there by 12:30,
and from where I live it takes almost two hours of a hurry.
So the initial stage has begun for a a trial set on March
and no cameras there to watch.
Prosecutors want to convict me-
for a thing that happened five years ago
when I was in the down side
and five years later when I´m good with my self anointed pride
the hammer comes crushing on my feel good tide.
It must be all political
wheel of justice are slow and not so lyrical
now that I´m legit
the bastards won´t quit
now starts the process of lawyering up
like a dumb scum bag
presumption of innocence…
where is that stupid license?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses



    1. Thanks Wally, was quite a day today, still to come. Good news is that I´m good at finishing something like this, which strangely enough is when I´m always very calm and in control, then put it in some closet inside my head, lock the keys and don´t think about it until tomorrow when it resumes again.
      I´ll say a Little prayer for my family, me, and for you this night. That´s how it always goes, first family that they stay in good health and high spirits, then for me so HE gives me the strength to deal with life, and then I always try to add some other person I can think of.

      1. Charly, you know you are in my mind and prayers. Especially now, since there is something specific to ask for. So, to day just decided who the judge is?

    1. thank you, it went so so (at the very much), what can you do. I´m certainly not beating my head against the wall, now is time to be at home and concentrate on other things, like the freaking poetry book! Still need to figure, how to publish it. Which means, format, e.t.c. Is taking longer than the actual writing of it.

      1. I guess so so is better than horrible, so that’s good. I’m glad you’re keeping your perspective. I wish you luck with the book. I don’t know anything about that or I’d try to help.

    1. It actually went like shit, but that´s the system. But through the years, or already had it in me I´m pretty good at finishing something and then box it up in some place in my head and don´t think about it until the next day, tomorrow at it again.

    1. Thank you, when it comes it comes, I dont think about it. What I do think is that somone from wordpress is helping me out with the poetry book, on what type of format for each different types of release and all that stuff, what I call the technical things which I have absolutely no clue about

      1. Not really helping me, the public defense attorney seems to have vanished. Is not like in the U.S,here in this type of cases it´s normal for most of the accused not to show up for trial that´s the first thing, and in case they do you eventually end up meeting the attorney right before entering the courtroom. Plus the idiot never contacted me, I had to go to the Ministery of “defense” and is just a long boring story. At least they gave me the name and phone of the court appointed attorney. Couldn´t get hold of him today, so now I´m detective Charly trying to figure out where this idiot is at with my case file

      2. Nice, I´d probably get infront of the judge, insult him and tell the judge I don´t need this guy. I can tell my facts, they do call it an “oral” trial, so oral meaning you talk, so talk we´ll do

  1. charly wishing you all the best, I have to admit I don’t fully understand (I came to your blog late)but I get the idea what’s happening, I guess the ‘system’ is the same world over you have to play their game! Pleased you’re still smiling, Andrew 🙂

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