Weekly smile!

I thought this was a great prompt, positivity! Which certainly I need some.
The prompt by the great, drum beat….. https://trentsworldblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/weekly-smile-1-weeklysmile-startup/

So I´m grateful for a lot of things, but today after a grueling day
I´m smiling at seeing this:


A real museum to the “ham leg”, here it is in all it´s glory.


And the pleasure of seeing how this young lady cut it,seems easy? It ain´t if you want
to do it like a pro, nice slices not too big not too small and do it quicly,here
is the queen of cutting ham, her name is Sandra, young attractive…getting off topic


If you look closely in the back you can see a foot long piece of bred, where the ham
slices will be introduced, juicy, tender, whoooo! I´m already salivating


And then enjoy all that food, which I bought….not really, well enjoy it with this woman


Yep, her name is “mommy Rambo”, she´s healthy, in good spirits and that is what I can
smile more often about. Although she is the same woman who said she loved this quote
al-capone-quotes which
gives me the “shivy jivies” you ain´t playing around with her, I have a gansta! As a mother.

Smile Smile
And try not to think much of the bad stinky pile
Smile Smile
life is screwed up or we make it even worse but is key to focus on good memories in our file
Smile Smile
just roll with the punches,specially those depressed people”hunches” the world ain´t over
you can bank on it all over.
Smile Smile!

So those where quite good things to smile for and to remember.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I actually I´m seeing it some of the posts that you have been Reading from way back and I myself found me rolling around the floor giggling like a little girl, quite strange….

  1. Looks like a great place for a sandwich worth smiling about! And your gangsta mother being in good health and spirits is also something to smile about. Thanks for sharing your smile.

      1. well I do not know – sorry – but I took a picture for you while leaving the basketball game tonight – I will share it this weekend (it ties into this post!!!!)

      2. well I did not realize how long it was – wow – 90’s?
        well I think there was a spike in usage last year when the New England Patriots were being accused of inflating footballs – their head Coach quoted the movie my cousin vinnie – and later – the actors in that movie said they were sending each other texts when they found out the movie was quoted – and I guess they said they were sending emojis – and for a short while people were saying “Joe Pesci emojis!!!”

      3. I actually remember seeing that movie, the New York pimp-lawyer in rural America. That was a fun one.
        So it´s all about the Patriots, iflate-gate escandal and Joe boy….all tied together

      4. Have no time to research the formats as to how to put it out, so slowly. Plus I got to get on going in 10 minutes from now, almost 8 a.m here and you´re a night awol

      5. yeah – I am signing off – not quite yet – but two more things to do – also – I will email you – but I have an ebook outline for you to use – and wanted to offer to edit your text for you if you would like. – it would be my pleasure – and I have some time this month – after this month things will be more jam packed – but seriously – I am here as a resource – email me – ok ❤

    1. I went for a short vacation this Monday through Wednesday to Malaga, in the South of Spain. 20 degrees there, people in the pool taking in the sun. Was a good little 2 days of vacation and disconnecting from all other things. My uncle used to live there.

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