Lets be real

Lets be a real
My love for you has no specifics-
I like to watch you as a good insightful newsreel

Lets be a real storm
Where I can see through you-
Expressing my self in a strange norm

Expressing, doing sometimes a bit of assessing
then decompressing all because of you, my sweet…Poetry.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Thats a question I myself can´t even answer as to how in the world I come up with that nutty things (if your talking about the post that is) who am I per se, I´m a man! acting like a man! being a man! or boy-man, silly nilly naiviety silly yet another side of me is there that has seen done and over done things in life which quite a strife, hey, you wanna be my wife?

    1. Thank you, it sort of has become my wordpress home. Yet since my definition of home is quite her and there, who knows. Go figure that one out. But yes, glad you enjoyed the writing I certainly do like and learn and sort of steal, well actually I Steel ideas from Reading you and others, I´m….the thief of ideas!

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