Sentimentality just went out the window

is not my hour plus hour day to day mentality
but, I do have sentiments
that I don´t find the point of being of relevance
of, constantly writing about by life story of:
he didn´t like, I thought he would be different
I don´t get as many views in my YouTube channel as I want
I have so many choices in life like;
too many cars to buy
too many shoes to buy, too many restaurants to eat from,
too many, it´s just too many…. I can´t handle the pressure!
Sorry, but those posts that appear in my reader
I like to call them write on Mr. Peter she/he spiritual fucked up
emotional criminal, priorities go off the window into the spin zone.
There are real tragedies out there, there is real hardship out there,
that you couldn´t handle to even stare,
so keep things a bit in perspective and stop constantly bitching
and crying about those silly things.
You´re lucky, and those of you
like that don´t even realise it nor appreciate what you have.
Now I´m gonna have you to take a water shower of shove.
Plus, and Minus and Devide and Multiply…just go take a hike.
With all those sentimentality that is driving you to insanity and
depression bound quality, but I ain´t going with your memory fucked up lane.


Skip till you do what you do best
on by behest I´m taking a rest
have a great book to read
much grateful for that need
cause, I need the need for, speed!!!
happy pappy is so naughty
Peter pusher is not a constant cushy crusher
wake the fuck up and operate in this unfair life
instead of trying to mold it as you would want to have a perfect wife
so, skip till you do what you do best
gonna take the test
to shoot a rabbit hole nest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Yes, it is irritating but just imagine that these people have much bigger problems that are consuming them. If you read closely they will tell you. Most people put up a front and the silliness is a symptom of lack of self awareness. There’s always something you can do: Set a better example by staying away from the overly self referential meta talk and inspire others. So far, you’ve done a great job, Charly. Keep plugging at it.

    1. I was just pointing out, that if you keep things in perspective, the not having an internet, the not having a car, e.t.c those are luxuries that some people take for granted when a great part of the population donsn´t have. I was talking mostly aboutmaterial things, as well as people and basically to distill the thing, is to appreciate all the things people take for granted and not focus on silly things like i don´t get enough views on my blog hence the world is falling on top of me.

  2. charlypriest that’s a good reminder, I’m definitely not sentimental, I’ve a lot I should be more grateful for, I’m greedy in that I’ve a lot of anger for perceived unfairness, life isn’t fair but we’re all selfish thinking life is especially unfair for one’s self. It is in my case! (see lol) Honestly I wished I believed in God cause Christians I know are happy people, I’ve qualities I’m a humanist I’ve also done bad things (don’t worry not illegal things! what’s the devil think about prostitutes? :/ ) Err sorry for rambling……………. I should be more grateful!

      1. :/ then again! Illegality is an interesting one, we all for understandable reasons portray our best most positive selves to the reading public yet (mwaaaaa) we ALL have hidden secret dark sides to our character. Crosses my mind in those moments of boredom, there’s interesting untold stories out there.

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