Dance to the beat

I´m the great white hope
so said the Pope
survival of civilisation
lays in the hands of my elation
and, i ain´t moving from my workstation

Beat to the Beat
i feel the heat
move till you tweet
the name of a cool street
so dance to the beat
until you hear her squeak
i´m journing with you
out of the blue
be there holding your hand
to the promise land

I´m the great white hope
even without my great green dope
so, i´m, dancing to the early morning beat
even if i skip
my morning knit
since, i had to save humanity
from Darth Vader´s insanity
Now, dancing to the beat
cause i wont quit

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Ahh, yes, when they elect someone from a place closer to the Ecuador, maybe the hope will be olive 🙂
    what are we dancing to??

      1. Then jump on a boat and cross the Atlantic, or I can meet you on a boat and be like the Movie Titanic, I´m Leo( slightly better looking) and it would be the perfect love story when the boat sinks and I die saving you.

      2. I need to look.The thing is that I use the same email acount for emails as well as post, so I might get well over 600 posts a day and the emails are somewhere in between so I tend to take a bit long shifting and looking where it is. And don´t be surprise if I delete it by accident, wouldn´t be the first time that has happened.

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