Cigarette man

He walks amongst you,
But his is not one of yours
He is a species of dangerous sorts

You see his black shadow,
He brushes through you leaving a trail of smoke
Later on you feel the sensation of being choked

Black hat dark suit,
When you finally realize
Cigarette man has you rolling in demise

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Good morning my priest! This is a great poem! Smoke suits you well. I think I saw this picture on a billboard while driving today..was it really you??? 🙂

      1. I´m never on vacay-tion, don´t like the Mountains, cold weather and I´m afraid of hights. Don´t like the beach, too hot, the sands gets in orífices of your body you would not think it could get into plus the added frightening thought that if you do get into the water you can be bitten by a shark. And the city….too many people, someone can tick me off, me go all “haywire” on the guy and end up locked up. I´m now sitting inside a cave like a hermit

  2. Ah there you are son. Could you move the reply box to the top please? I’m not getting any younger and the scrolling down is taking it out of me. Can you lend me 3 euros until mama gets back from the pub? Thanks son
    Your loving dad
    Mr Charley SoZ

  3. I can’t stand smoke. Even when I drive my car and stop by the red light and someone goes bye..the cigarettsmoke comes in the car….just quit!!You really don’t need that shit. I don’t want you to hardly be able to breath when you get older….it’s not worth it.

    …I’m I’m allowed to say my opinion…….like an old indian chief..

  4. By the way…don’t hide a handsome face behind smoke and a hat…well..I think that’s all 🙂
    Have a great weekend Charly

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