The slow walk down

photo by Amy Reese

Another great prompt by

It had been going on for months.He couldn´t understand why she couldn´t understand
why he had to do it.

She wiped her tears with her right hand while she grabbed his wedding ring on her
right hand and squeezed it tightly.

“I gotta go beautiful.”

She suddenly cursed at him, all the emotions she had bottled up came out as a torrent of water.
He didn´t look up nor said a word while he slowly walked down the stairs.
He didn´t want to remember her crying and insulting him.

Two days later he was officially charged for murdering John Lee VanDike.
The man who raped and murdered their twelve year old daughter. He was supposed to pick her up from
school and he forgot that day, she blamed him, he blamed himself even more and he was
determined to get even.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Lovely job son. Best thing I’ve ever read…EVER. I can’t believe your talent sometimes and I’m so proud to be your long lost dad.
    Can you lend me 500 euros until I get the house sold? Serious question.

    1. I left a comment on your blog, but didn´t see it, maybe it goes “somewhere”until you approve it. Let me know if you receiveed.
      The comment said, that I had to smile it was a great ending. See? you too wrote another cautionary tale, don´t steal your older sister cookies

  2. Good story, Charly, and very sad. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Did you mean to write “he didn’t look up or ‘say’ a word” instead of ‘said’? Just asking. Well written. — Suzanne

    1. I probably did screw up the gramar, my computer is configured in Spanish plus a lot of times I´m so excited about publishing it that I forget there is something called “proofread”, thank you for pointing it out though. And for taking the time to read the story and also glad you liked it.

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